Warranty from the manufacturer of the aerojeep Pegas

The manufacturer guarantees that the air-cushion craft “Pegas” meets current technical requirements as far as transportation, storage, technical service and usage conditions are concerned.

Warranty period – 12 months from the selling date.

Warranty repair is valid when the buyer keeps the marking on the board of the ship and the exploitation passport and presents them to the manufacturer.

Warranty period for the engine, accumulator battery, propeller, and autonomous heater is given by the manufacturers in accordance with set standards.


The owner of the craft is to fill in the registration card for the engine and send it to the official distributor ROTAX. Warranty conditions are written in the manual. When the air-cushion craft is exported, warranty is specified within the contract.

When the aerojeep is not used for its primary purpose, or with violation of the exploitation rules, or structural changes are realized without any agreement with the manufacturer, the latter does not accept any reclamation.

The manufacturer does not take any responsibility and make up for defects occurred at the buyer’s fault or trading company’s during careless transportation, improper storage, technical service or usage, mechanical damages, violating the requirements of this passport and the technical conditions 7423-015-51769110-2003.