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An air cushion craft Pegas

An air cushion craft (aerojeep) "Pegas" is an amphibian transport means designed for sea walks, capable of going along the water surface of any depth and the wave height up to 0,4 m, as well as along the land and ice of a relatively flat surface. While moving, it hovers along the surface, the flexible skirt touching its unevenness.

An air cushion craft (aerojeep) "Pegas" may be used as:

  • runabout craft designed for sea walks, recreation, tourism, as well as other purposes (nonprofessional fishing, hunting, excursions, trips, etc.)

An air cushion craft (aerojeep) Pegas is a transport means; its buoyant power that balances the craft's weight is created as a result of extra air pressure under the bottom. Increased pressure is generated by the ventilator. An air cushion craft (aerojeep) Pegas with the flexible skirt has amphibian qualities, i.e. is capable of going not only along the water, but also a relatively flat land, ice, swamped surface.

Low surface resistance gives an opportunity to consider the air cushion craft traffic in the air cushion mode as traffic in the air according to safety rules, engine power and propulsion plant. The propulsion plant contains the engine with systems, additional mechanisms, ventilator drive and ventilator. The specific peculiarity of this unit consists in the fact that the air cushion and propulsive force are created by the single propulsion-plenum ventilator located on the nozzle in the aft.

Technical characteristics

Overall sizes at the flexible skirt at work
length 5450 mm
width 2450 mm
Height at the nozzle line 1780 mm
Clearance 250 mm
Ventilator diameter 1040 mm
Overall sizes of the hard hull
length 5100 mm
Width 2050 mm
Height at the nozzle line 1530 mm
Overall sizes of the cabin
Length 2655 mm
Width 1476 mm
Height inside the cabin 1200 mm
Usage characteristics
Passenger capacity 5 ppl
Air cushion craft weight 700 kg
Admissible loading capacity 450 kg
Engine unit
Engine mark ROTAX-912 ULS
Power power is distributed:
   - propulsive force creation
   - air cushion creation
73,6 kW (100 hp)
51,5 kW (70 hp)
22,1 kW (30hp)
Propulsion plant 6-blade ventilator
Performance characteristics
Max speed:
   - on water
   - on the snow
   - on land

Up to 60 km/h
up to 90 km/h
up to 50 km/h
Distance 370 km (at a speed 60 km/h)
Usage period
   temperature of the environment side wind,
no more than height of wave 3% occurrence
All the year round
-30 - +30C 13 m/sec 0,4 m
Refill capacity
Main fuel tank 75 l
Oil system 3,75 l
Cooling system 6 l
Fuel flow
1 motohour 20-23 l