Flexible protection

The air cushion craft "Pegas" is equipped with a chamber system of flexible protection with the skirt, flexible bags-airlines on boards, elastic nozzles and water gripping sponsons located in the bottom. The curtain-bag in the aft of the hull keeps the air cushion. For making the side flexible skirt more stable; increasing shock resistance, floatability, bags are equipped with inflatable skeg-ballons. Pressure in skegs must be 0,003-0,004 MPa. Both the number of airlines in the hull and elastic nozzles in the flexible skirt form a system of the air cushion filling-up.

The main material for the flexible skirt is PVC fabric, multiple reinforced with technical nylon. The flexible skirt surface, susceptible to wearing-off by increased mechanical shock loads, is reinforced with flat-sheet polyurethane by glue. Admissible temperatures of the fabric “Arctica” range from +40 up to –40°С. The flexible skirt is fixed to the hard hull with the help of grooves in the lower part, add-on boards in the upper part. Skegs are fixed to the hull in grooves.

Pic.1. Flexible protection section (crosscut)


  1. groove
  2. deck
  3. profile
  4. flexible bag
  5. sponson
  6. nozzle
  7. skeg
  8. bottom
  9. space
  10. lacing