The hull of the aerojeep Pegas

The main hull material is fiberglass on polyester base. Fiberglass allows to decrease the craft weight and labour coefficient of the construction because the craft requires no coloring and is corrosion-prone.

 The hull of the aerojeep "Pegas" consists of 3 main sections:

  • bottom
  • deck
  • cabin

The bottom represents a washing-tub type construction reinforced in the lower part with 5 fore-and-aft U-type stiffeners remote 230 mm from each other. The stiffeners are molded together with coating. Bottom lines are also reinforced with fore-and-aft stiffeners.

The fiberglass box-form booster is installed in the aft to provide resistance. The booster is molded to the bottom with the help of fiberglass elements. Bearings for the airline of the deck section – in the region of the bearing for the ventilator and in the region of aftmost bearing for the undermotor frame – are molded on the booster. Flanges, along which the bottom and the deck are glued with filler and riveted, are molded along the outer line of the bottom and the deck. In the region of the saloon the deck is glued to the bottom with fiberglass and polyester; and supported by the box-form transverse seats.

The cabin is strengthened with mock mold. A metal frame is installed in the region of the windscreen. The cabin is also fixed to the deck with rivets. To the back wall of the cabin the hood, covering the engine, is fixed on loops. Inside the deck section bearings are molded for 2 dismountable seating places. The basis for the seat and the back is fiberglass, the cushions are made of foam and jacketed with leather substitute. The backs are easy to remove and put them between the seats, arranging sleeping places.

There are 2 doors in the cabin. They are open upward. When they are open, they are fixed with gas springs. You open and close the doors with car handles and locks. The windscreen is made of 'TRIPLEX' glass and glued with sealant. The outer side is equipped with the windscreen wiper. Colours of interior trimming match new standards. The cabin is equipped with vibration-and soundproof mats from inside. They are jacketed with leather substitute.