Technical service

Technical service provides normal exploitation, maintains life according to the established requirements and technical state when parked (stored) long.

Life of the aerojeep is determined by the condition of its construction and the systems. The craft does not have fixed technical resources, so it is used according to its condition, i.e. the hull, flexible skirt, all the systems are checked to work well and all needed services are done to maintain the in-service condition.

In case controlled parameters do not meet technical requirements, some necessary works take place:

  • repair restoring quality of the systems;
  • regulations, cleaning and other works restoring the parameters of the systems;
  • replacement of units and equipment for good ones.

Rotax 912ULS engine must be exploited and served in a strict accordance to its exploitation manual.

Technical service includes:

  • examination and preparation before service;
  • occasional technical service;
  • repair.

The first filling of oil is done by the responsible acceptance agent when the card that the craft is ready for mooring tests is filled in.

Antifreeze mark Febi 01089

Oil mark Mobil 5W-40

Filling date  ________2008

Operation period  ________

The rest of oil is given in the plastic can for topping up. This process is made in accordance with the engine manual. Technical service is made regularly each 50, 200, 400 hours of travel on the air-cushion craft “Pegas”.

Repair technologies provide reconstruction of flexible protection elements when damaged (PVC fabric, glue UR-600).

During the regular technical service pay attention to power station elements and construction units of the air-cushion craft which have been under repair. Before installing any units or ready products, check if they are in-service and meet technical parameters; and after their installation check if they are in service together with the the system.