MARS-700 amphibious multipurpose air-cushion vehicle

MARS-700 is designed for using it on water and relatively flat ground surface all the year round. The vehicle is good to overcome such obstacles as rapids, beds with reed grass; rivers during ice-drift and freeze-up.

Usage conditions:

Water basins with a wave height of up to 0,7m, plant-filled shallow waters, land pieces at flooding, ice-drift, slush, tundra, surface strength unlimited, snow of any hardness, rivers at ice drift and freeze-up.
The amphibious speed boat of 700 kg load capacity is designed for all-year-round usage at temperatures from -25°C up to +40°C.


  • high load ratio;
  • quite good amphibiousness – overcome slope on land – up to 8°;
  • good sea-going performance;
  • reliable engine; low-rotations and low-noise air screw in safety ring packing;
  • highly strong elastic skegs with a special safety covering, tyre type with 4 sections on the chamber;
  • plastic superstructure forming a cosy and well-heated saloon with regulating armchairs and soft sofa. Good view through the windshield, with air cooling and wipers.

Technical characteristics

Overall sizes when on an air cushion,
L*B*H, m


Metal hull breadth, m


Bare displacement, kg


Crew, ppl


Load capacity, kg

Up to 1000

Passenger capacity, ppl


Engine (diesel)

GAZ5602 (Euro-3)

Max speed on still water when the wind speed is up to 5 m/sec, km/h


Usage speed, km/h


Max speed on snow, km/h

Up to 100

Max distance, km

Up to 750

Obstacle height, m