Khivus-6 light amphibious air-cushion vehicle

Designation – for all-year-round service as a general service launch, a rescue, tourism, ambulance and patrol craft.


  • ability to travel on shallow waters, marshes, deep snow, broken ice and to overcome gently sloping coasts, holes and offshore banks;
  • original scheme of an air cushion (patent RF #2097231) providing a high level of safety while driving because of sea-going performance and stability;
  • safe emergency braking on a hard ground;
  • non-freezing flexible skirt;
  • low-noise propeller.

Service geography – water basins with a wave height less than 1,2 m

Technical characteristics

Full displacement

1250 kg

Working load mass

500 kg

Passenger capacity

6 ppl

Overall length

6,45 m

Overall beam (in transportation mode)

3,3 (2,5) m

Overall height

2,55 m


Petrol or diesel

Engine power

140-166 hp

Cruising speed on water

60 km/h

Max speed on water

85 km/h

Cruising speed on snow

90 km/h

Max speed on snow

110 km/h

Climbing angle



0,5 m

Obstacle height

0,4 m

Fuel flow

20-25 l/h

Fuel tank capacity

120 l


Up to 500 km

Propulsion unit

6-blade propeller in nozzle

Air-cushion guard

Air skegs, nose and aftmost (skirt)

Min service temperature

- 40ºC

Safe wind speed

15 m/sec

Hull and cabin

Hull and cabin of the boat are made of aluminium-magnesium alloy Amg-6M. The main method of constructions connection is riveting. The hull is divided by 2 bulkheads into 3 sections: nose section; cabin section and motor section. Such a construction provides corrosion resistance, lightness, robustness, and high maintainability.

Air-cushion guard

Air-cushion guard includes 3 air skegs (ship-borne and diametric), nose and stern flexible guard. Each skeg has a double-deck construction and is divided into 4 pressurized sections. Guard material – 5 -layer fabric on the basis of PVC added with polyurethane and reinforced with polyester. Outer boards of upper decks of skegs are protected against damage with 2 layers of fabric: lavsan and kapron, with PVC-covering; lower decks of skegs are pasted over with polyurethane film.


The following engines can be installed:

  • carburator ZMZ 4063.10 (100 hp)
  • injector ZMZ 409 (143 hp)
  • diesel Steyer (140 hp)

Air propeller

To increase efficiency and safety of the propeller a 6-blade low-noise propeller is installed in a nozzle. Propeller blades are made of fiberglass. A surface layer of the blades are reinforced with material preventing abrasive wear. The incoming part of the nozzle is covered with a protective net. The propeller is driven by the toothed belt of the “Bondo” firm.

Blowing ventilators

2 axle 12-blade ventilators are installed on the boat. Ventilator blades are made of fiberglass and reinforced with material preventing abrasive wear. The V-belt transmits rotation from the cardan shaft of the engine to the gear reduction unit.

Control system

Control system of the boat is famous for simplicity and high efficiency. Directional control is carried out with 3 air rudders driven from the steering wheel (car steering wheel) and change of pressure in inner tubes of the air cushion driven from foot levers. Control system of the propulsion unit is standard, car type.


A spacious cabin has the following sizes: 2,5*1,85*1,34 m (L*B*H). Windows along the cabin and side-view mirrors provide a fine all-round view. There is an adjustable seat for the driver in the nose along the left board, passenger seat – along the right board. Either sofa lockers or fold-back 2-seater benches are located behind the sofa along the boards. The cabin is coated with kapronvelour and vynil artificial leather. In addition, a fold-away bar table can be installed.

It is heated by a powerful car heater. On a buyer's request another or an independent heater can be designed.
The top ceiling is cut for a hatchway.

Complete set

Car steering wheel and control console,
switches of control system
On a buyer's request the boat can be equipped with
75 A/h accumulator anchor with an outboard end
3 windshield wipers moorings
navigation lights lifting bars
2 pilot lights rescue vests
2 fog lights radio station
lighting fitting in the saloon side-view mirrors
lighter 12V stereo station
4 mooring cleats heater for pre-start warming-up of the engine and
the saloon when the engine is out
2 fuel tanks electric winch
electric system of supply for skegs trailer
sound signal conditioner
nose railing satellite navigation system, etc.
railing on the cabin roof