ARCTICA 1D amphibious off-road hovercraft

Designation – carriage of passengers and cargo over water, marshes and land up to 1200 km long.

ARCTICA 1D may be used at any time of day in big and small rivers, lakes, offshores, marshes, tundra, woodland and ice roads within the whole year, off-season time inclusive.

Technical particulars


Load capacity 7 ppl and 500 kg cargo
Max speed, km/h  
   over snow, land, open water up to 125
   over marshes filled with grass, rare bulrushes, low bushes up to 80
Obstacle avoidance, m  
   trench, ditch, split up to 2
Uphill gradient up to 25°
Range, km up to 1200
Engines 2 diesel engines of fluid cooling
Horse power 2*400
Diesel fuel ДЛ, ДЗ, ДА (DL, DZ, DA – diesel fuel brands)
Fuel flow at speed 100km/h , l/h no more than 28
Fuel endurance, h up to 12
Brake way at speed 85 km/h, m 60
Dry weight, kg 2700
Fuel capacity, l 400
Full weight, kg 4200
Overall sizes, m  
   in motion 7,2*4*3,6
   in transportation mode 7,2*2,4*1,8

Construction and principles of usage

ACTICA 1D consists of the all-body (centre section) where the driver's cabin, passenger saloon, motor section with air pumps, transmission section where air screw drive reductions and engine radiator are installed. The shock absorbers in the aft are equipped with an air screw in safety ring packing and air rudders.

Broadside lines are equipped with board sections – buoyancy blocks filled with water-proof material, providing buoyancy and resistance to flooding in any emergency situations.

The all-body and buoyancy blocks are equipped with a flexible protection made of a special rubber-cord belt of variable thickness. In contrast to Russian and foreign analogues it has no closed units like bags and balloons. This construction provides a long life of the hovercraft on open water, marshes filled with bulrush, bushes, low forest, tundra all the year round.

The passenger saloon and the driver's cabin are well heat-insulted, have double windows, are sound-proof and equipped with an independent heater and an independent electric station.

For safety purposes on a cross-country territory the hovercraft is equipped with a unit (elastic brake shield) providing connection with the base (water, snow, marsh). This equipment keeps the craft from skidding at sharp turns, down slopes, meandering rivers and along ice roads and provides efficient braking down the hill and pivot turns of the hovercraft.

For making mobility better the hovercraft is equipped with the retractable wheel chassis (plane type). The chassis is leading and works synchronously with the air rudders.

Terms of usage

  • Temperatures...............+40 - -50°C
  • Wind speed …...............up to 20m/sec
  • Class of the hovercraft... R 1,2 planing launch of Russian River Register (i.e. waves up to 1,2 m high)
  • Max height of obstacles....0,6 m